What’s in a name lollies / candies / sweets or sweeties

By general definition, lollies / candies / sweets or sweeties are collectively called Confectionery.
They all mean the same, different names from different places for the same sweet treat. These are the yummy treats that make up feel good.

The words candy comes from North America.
Sweets from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Here in Australia, as we like to do things differently we call them lollies (and New Zealand too.)

No matter what part of the world you are from or what you like to call lollies, here at Taffy’s Bunbury, we make the most amazing range of chocolate, candies, taffys and almost everything sweet you can think of.

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Bring the whole family to experience Taffy’s sweets, made by hand, right before your eyes (and mouth watering too).
We make our sweets on-site so you can watch how it’s done; the children won’t believe their eyes!

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Enjoy Taffy’s Candies and remember “Life is sweet at Taffys”